About Us

Hype Digital Technology seeks to meet and exceed the technological needs and expectations of organizations with its proven technology solutions, educated sales and support staff, industry-leading IT consulting services, and a technical services division made up of certified technicians, engineers, and sales consultants. 

Depending on one person to handle all of your company’s IT needs is no longer enough in the fast-paced world of technology. Hype Digital Technology is a group of seasoned experts that are committed to providing a distinctive user experience that propels the success of your company. We guarantee the best results thanks to our tried-and-true team strategy.

Why Choose Hype Digital Technology?

Even with an internal IT team, most businesses find it difficult to maintain their IT infrastructure, stay compliant with evolving industry standards, and keep up with the growing threat of cyberattacks.

With numerous skilled technicians, and a committed internal security team, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with higher-quality service and support. We can assist you in expanding your company for a competitive edge by demonstrating to you how to take advantage of both new and current technology, including choosing it, implementing it, and even training your staff.

Our friendly Account Managers at Hype Digital Technology are committed to attending to all of your needs and are your first point of contact. They help with opportunities, new services, and guaranteeing client satisfaction by serving as liaisons to our vast resources.

Superior Capacity

Managed IT services are supported by a qualified group of professionals with extensive knowledge of various technologies.

High-End Technology

Top-notch technology and tools are included in each solution.

Combined Capabilities

Ability to integrate services together or inside your own environment in order to secure and strengthen resilience.

Leaders in Managed IT Services

Services provided by committed teams using the finest methods available in the industry.

Committed Account Team

Partner with a committed IT firm that has a team of professionals committed to the success of your organization.

Our Purpose

Hype Digital Technology is a major provider of managed IT services that offers outstanding solutions. We think that technology can help you succeed. We provide the proper people and cutting-edge technology to support your purpose by assembling a committed team of qualified IT specialists and offering best-in-class services.

Even with an internal IT team, most organizations struggle to keep up with the management of IT infrastructure and the growing threat of cyberattacks.

With hundreds of qualified specialists, a dedicated internal security team, and an HK-based, round-the-clock service desk, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with better levels of service and support. We can help you grow your business and get a competitive advantage by demonstrating how to use both old and new technologies.

Our commitment to ethics, human rights, and strong corporate governance is important to our business strategy and it is essential for defending our workers, clients, brand, and financial success.

Our Mission

We help businesses realize their full potential via the implementation of technology.

Our Vision

To deliver strong and secure technology solutions to our clients so they may strengthen their position in the market and level of competition.

Our Values



Long-term partnerships with our partners, staff, customers, and the community at large are the main goal we pursue. The communities we live in, the jobs we perform, and the value we add are all important to us.



Taking responsibility for whatever we do is the main goal of our team. We establish transparent procedures and lines of communication to guarantee that we fulfill our obligations to our clients. We take ownership of the issue, the solution, and the final product.



At Hype Digital Technologies, we always aim to raise the bar and hold ourselves to high, quantifiable standards in terms of performance, technical proficiency, and customer service.



For the sake of effectiveness and efficiency, we at Hype Digital Technologies place a high value on responsiveness—both to our clients and to one another.