Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery

Hype Digital Technology’s backup and disaster recovery protection allows you to relax knowing that your systems are safely backed up. Even if your data is lost, you may rapidly retrieve it and get back on track.

Without the proper tools and processes, restoring deleted data might take hours or weeks. However, trying to do it yourself may be costly and time-consuming.

Hype Digital Technology’s long-standing competence in managed IT backup and disaster recovery has earned us the trust of businesses. They understand that if they experience a data loss issue, we can assist them in promptly recovering and restoring operations.

Preparation Assessment

What systems or practices do you have in place in case of disaster? Where are the loopholes that might put your safety at risk? We will evaluate your systems to determine what strengthening is required.

Data Backup

To guarantee that you can recover swiftly after data loss, we'll build the infrastructure and backups required to protect your vital data and keep your business secure.

Disaster Planning

An information technology disaster can be caused by human mistake, a cyberattack, or something as basic as a power outage. We'll help you plan for the worst to ensure that your activities are not disrupted.

Impact Analysis

When an event occurs, certain portions of your company may be more severely affected than others. Our impact study will help you prioritize your catastrophe plans to safeguard your most critical business operations.

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