Server Administration and Management

Hype Digital Technology provides full assistance to help you reduce downtime and better manage servers. Hype Digital Technology offers cutting-edge managed IT services and support to organizations of all sizes, backed by years of expertise and hundreds of specialists available at all times.

Hype Digital Technology can assist you in setting up and securing servers, allowing your organization to function more effectively while also eliminating server hazards. Our server administration services may assist you in keeping a close check on your servers and maximizing efficiency by gaining a deeper knowledge of your company, its risks, and demands.

Server management services assist maintain your servers operational, prevent security concerns, and keep them up to date. Hype Digital Technology’s  Server Management Services may assist you with avoiding the various security hazards associated with in-house server management, many of which can cost your company a substantial amount of time and money. With professionals monitoring your servers and assisting you in keeping them secure and up to date, Hype Digital Technology makes it much easier to avoid major server issues.


When it comes to solving server problems, time is of the importance. Hype Digital Technology helps you avoid and resolve server issues by combining server monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting. If a server issue persists for more than 5 or 10 minutes, we will begin troubleshooting to determine the root cause and how to resolve it. Our professionals can diagnose and resolve many common server issues, allowing you to avoid costly downtime and security concerns.

Software Installations

Installing software across all devices linked to a server may be time-consuming, and installation errors can have a negative impact on the operation of your program. When you need to install software on a server or numerous PCs linked to it, Hype Digital Technology's server maintenance services can assist you. Installing software is a straightforward task for our specialists, given their extensive knowledge of server management and maintenance. Don't settle for inefficient operations or make your server subject to assaults because of outdated software; with Hype Digital Technology server management services, you can have the software you need installed correctly.

Server Optimization

Rebuilding your network from start is a lot of effort, but Hype Digital Technology can help you enhance efficiency without having to rebuild the entire network. With server optimization, we can discover possible network bottlenecks and assist you in making your server operations more efficient. Whether you utilize your corporate server for day-to-day operations or to protect critical client data, Hype Digital Technology can help you optimize it to be as effective and safe as possible. We can also assist you in eliminating superfluous software and equipment while upgrading to superior choices, ensuring that you maximize productivity without spending money you don't need to.

Operating System (OS) Updates

The operating system you put on your server is essentially the machine's core. The software on a server has an impact, but the operating system determines the essential capabilities of your server. This implies that updating your operating system is one of the most critical things you can do to safeguard and improve your server. Outdated operating systems can cause security and performance concerns, and updating your operating system isn't as straightforward as it may appear. The most difficult aspect of upgrading your operating system is ensuring little downtime. Often, you must temporarily shut down a server in order to upgrade the operating system or install a new OS. Hype Digital Technology employs zero-downtime upgrading methods to provide OS upgrades without causing downtime, allowing you to focus more on your company and less on your servers.

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